So excited to have produced and shot this little gem of a short film, BREAK, by the very talented Jennie Fahn. Dark, funny & feminist, this story is worth telling & I’m honored to be making it. We’re in post!  Stay tuned…

grossed out 3      Norma walks in


spindrift showI had the amazing opportunity to co-write a Bollywood fusion song with the groundbreaking neo-western, psychedelic rock band, SPINDRIFT, a few year ago.


We are gearing up to make a music video to accompany the song, but in the meantime, we got to perform the song at a concert! 


So. Much. Fun!






I am so fortunate to have a rock star team supporting me (read: submitting me) for the many fantastic opportunities that come via auditions. I get to regularly practice my craft, which is more than so many other deserving actors get to say… but I still enjoy content creation so I am so excited to be producing and starring in the feature, ABOUT STRANGERS!

Here is the campaign … Please contribute if you can & follow us on the site!

On Set & @ The Opening of Valentine Studios

On set of the pilot KAREN OF GOD and then off to celebrate the re-opening of an iconic Hollywood recording studio, Valentine Studio (home of the Beach Boys, Bing Crosby & more!). Acting always comes first, but I do sing as well and lately I’ve found myself seizing more singing opportunities. The latest was singing Fleetwood Mac’s epic “Rhiannon” accompanied by a stellar live band of insanely talented musicians. Truly honored and lucky!

FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (3)

Making Music With SPINDRIFT

So thrilled to be a part of this project with the amazing band, SPINDRIFT and it’s fearless leader KP. Bivas Biswas & I wrote and sang the Hindi lyrics to the retro Bollywood-inspired single, recorded in the famous Valentine Studios (the original playground of such legends as The Beach Boys and Bing Crosby, among others)! Stay tuned for details on a music video to accompany this awesome track!

Di Gira Na De (color) Dil Gira Na De (b&w)

Living Above the Line

the-naked-actor-sapna-300x200I stumbled upon an insightful video this past week and although it wasn’t specifically targeted towards actors, I find it to be an inspirational gem that is absolutely relevant and applicable to our industry.


Check out the video and an article I wrote to accompany it on


Gentlemen, You Are Not Exempt (Sapna’s Rebuttal to Sam)

the-naked-actor-sapna-300x200Speaking my Truth on the We Make Movies site through my new column, The Naked Actor.

“… I could launch into an academic diatribe about why and how these patriarchal themes permeate our culture and where this type of thought originates from, but I will abridge and highlight certain aspects of feminist hegemony and instead focus on artistic integrity.

The bottom line is this: When anyone is written as incomplete, relegated to a boring or insulting trope, is continually marginalized and considered tertiary, or is simply written to be uninteresting, everyone suffers. Quality suffers. Writers suffer. Actors suffer. Filmmakers suffer. Storytelling suffers. When characters are written poorly, if we don’t comment, make suggestions and provide a possibility of alternate solutions, we are inherently winking at bad filmmaking…”

Check out the whole article here.



Very excited to introduce the poster for the film I am producing and starring in, THE KILLER, THE SINGER & THE WOMAN WHO RAN!


Feeling a wealth of gratitude for Jason Stare for the design of this wicked poster, using the fabulous artwork of David Turley.



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A Quick Look @2014

LAUGHS-still-for-FOR-WEBSITE11/17 – Read the role of “Priya” in Douglas Knox’s USELESS TALK.

10/10 – Read the role of “Rita” in Douglas Knox’s DON’T FORGET ME.

9/25 – The ladies of BROAD STROKES get interviewed on Shootin’ The Shit with Scotty J.!

9/19 – The ladies of BROAD STROKES get interviewed by Blogtalkradio’s A KIND VOICE

9/6 FOX’s 1/2 Hour Comedy Series LAUGHS airs another episode of BROAD STROKES.

8/23 – FOX’s 1/2 Hour Comedy Series LAUGHS airs an episode of BROAD STROKES.

8/20 – Select episodes of BROAD STROKES screen at the El Cid’s Web Series Unplugged.

7/28 – Played neurotic, comfort eating, gal pal “Stacey” in AMBER ALERT, another installment of the WMM Sketch Show shot at the YouTube Space LA.

6/30 BROAD STROKES is launched! The innovative roll out, features a daily, comedic micro-short released over the course of two months (June – August).

JAM-shoot6/18 – 6/27BROAD STROKES premieres at WMMFest and enjoys a five night run!

5/17 – Played a pissed-off hippie in the desert in Brett Fleisher’s short film JAM (releasing in 2015).

5/14 – Read in Susan Lee’s female driven, sci-fi thriller WRATH.

4/21 – Played “Diane” in the WORST WINGMAN EVER, shot at YouTube Studios LA.

4/19 – Played a panicky party-goer, a nosy neighbor, a lady-who-lunches, a Stepford wife-esque mother-to-be and an awkward moment in a full face mask in the #smh tuesdays portion of BROAD STROKES.

Stripping-Shakespeare-Shoot4/9 –  Knifed in Venice gives a glowing review of the bawdy & brainy STRIPPING SHAKESPEARE, in which I play feminist heroine, Emilia from OTHELLO.

3/28 – Played a chola girl, a sniffling hot mess, an opinionated roomie, patronizing girlfriend & (yup) Liz Taylor in the Hump Day How-To’s portion of BROAD STROKES.

3/12 – Performed in Laura Mannino’s hilarious, scripted sketch TOP DIVORCED CHEF.

3/10 – Played a bathing drunkard, a bohemian lesbian, a naughty Brit, an OCD nut on a date & a gyno patient in the Dating Ambiguities & Other Atrocities portion of BROAD STROKES.

3/3 – Played Marlene Dietrich, Barbara Stanwyck, Vicki Lake, Martha Vickers & Lauren Bacall in the Film Noir Fridays portion of BROAD STROKES.

Worst-Wingman-Ever-Sketch2/15 – Played sensible “Sally Clark” in Will Campisano’s fantastically off-color, comedic short, VALLEY HIGH.

2/12 – Read “Rachel” in Michael Beardsley’s WORST WINGMAN EVER.

2/5 – Read the role of “Bar Accuser” in Patrick Duncan’s spunky short film PERFECT GENTLEMAN.

1/23 – Read the romantic lead of “Lina” in Jon Rannells’ feature SEE YOU IN SYLMAR.

1/16 – Performed improv at WMM’s Sketch/Improv Night

Wrapping Up 2013

This year was so full of opportunities, amazing auditions, bookings and creative endeavors in general. A few highlights that don’t show up on my resume that I’m pretty proud of…

In October, I wrote an article for the film collective We Make Movies  & for  MovieMaker Magazine! Check out my article, HOW TO SCORE INDIE STYLE about  Jordan Passman  (who made the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2013) & his company.


I recorded a neo-spaghetti western/psychedelic tune with indie band,  SPINDRIFT!  Thanks to fellow actor/songwriter Bivas Biswas & musician extraordinaire,  Kirpatrick Thomas for making that happen. Stay tuned for a music video…


logo_bollywoodworkoutDOONYA – THE BOLLYWOOD WORKOUT
It had been a while since I had danced and this year Bollywood dance found me again. I fell in love with DOONYA, a high impact fitness regime incorporating four Indian styles of dance (most recently pimped out by Bollywood Superstar Priyanka Chopra in Elle Magazine). Check out their site and this segment on Live with Kelly & Michael, buy the DVD’s, and find a class near you!