S A P N A   G A N D H I

Inspired by comedic giants such as Tracy Ullman, Key & Peele & 5 Second Films, I co-produced and co-wrote BROAD STROKES - and set out to unveil a plethora of characters in various scenarios and comedic modalities with this micro-short daily series.

Remember "The More You Know" from the 80's?
Well, SHE'S SO RIGHT is like that.
A little misguided.
And a lot feminist.


An ethereal and meditative journey that follows three drifters seeking an escape from their cycles of dissatisfaction and apathy.


A Classic-Lit mash-up series of Shakespeare. Bawdy. Burlesque. Bondage.

JAM (short)

JAM explores the self-absorption of 18 characters stuck in traffic in the middle of nowhere. Ranging from comically absurd to tragically honest, each vignette moves us forward through the traffic jam to ultimately answer the question… what are they doing here?